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Full of Sound and Fury

Signifying nothing

17 April 1984
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Insert that creepy Valley of the Dolls song here.

So, about me huh? I was born in Sulphur, LA. I lived in a house that was Smurf blue until I was about 12. My parents got divorced. I ended up moving to Dallas where I spent 8th-11th grade. Moved back to Sulphur. Finished highschool. Smoked a bit of pot. Watched a lot of teenage drama. Decided that drama was one thing I didn't need in my life. Did a semester of technical school. Moved to Beaumont. Worked at two call centers, then a software company.

I'm into computers. I'm into anime, gaming, and reading. I play DnD as much as I can. I hope to one day have a BS in Computer Science. I hope to one day understand people enough where I don't always get nervous when first meeting a person. I hope to one day be sure enough of myself that I don't hold back who I am until I can observe a person's personality and beliefs. I hope to one day not get dizzy anytime there's confrontation.

One day I also might stop thinking everything is funny. That day will be very drab.